Do I need a modular synthesizer?

Its interesting to read and see how in-vogue the modular synthesizer has become in recent years. There is something both anarchic and controlled about them. From the randomness of a box of electronics and wires that airport security would fear resembled a bomb, to the sublime level of intricate patching you can achieve with a […]

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Palmerston Park

This is my latest adventure in sonic sculpting. Dystopian (as always, though I never really know why), sometimes minimal, sometimes complex rhythms and structures. There are lighter sounds in there too (eg Again and Again). Palmerston Park is an area in Southampton, an open green space in the city centre with tennis courts, places to […]

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Recommended Artists

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for interesting music, soundscapes and noise to entertain you. Sit back, chill, its all in hand. Pop yer lug’oles around this set of juicy ear grapes! Ian Haygreen writes music in many, many different styles. He’s always pushing the envelope on what he can record. Sometimes it falls […]

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Temporarily Free Stuff

I’ve made a couple of the shorter collections free to download on Bandcamp (you can still pay if you want, always happy to let you). Primitive was a series of soundscapes and experiments that were intended for Beauty in Chaos but were too dark to fit in. It starts with a heavily modulated and effected […]

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