Le Destin du Bruit – album coming soon, here’s what to expect


The track-listing isn’t quite finalised (spelling mistake to correct for example), this may change as yet, but what I’ve created here is an album of sonics, soundscapes and noise! This is not melodic pop, these tunes represent the most experimental elements of my music. Dark sounds, jarring rhythmic sounds, vocal snippets of poems and spoken word fired out of samplers creating their own textures. The artwork as usual is by myself, created digitally with Gimp; I’m feeling a little inspired by covers created for bands like Sunn O))) and co.

Dream of a Wired Americana utilises granular synthesis mixed with ordinary synth strings. There is no narrative so to speak but others have told me they can hear on.

‘Fraud utilises a feeling of unease that you feel when you are in the midst of a nightmare. I’ve mangled the spoken word (my voice), used layers of additive synths and put on some glitchy beats. Its probably the most commercial thing on the album. Yet there are a few tempo changes. As far as I can remember its the only track with a proper beat as I have organised rhythm with other tools on the rest of the album.

They Feed off the Internal State was originally written for Halloween last year but I feel it sits well here. More of my voice sampled and chopped. I used to do a mean Death Metal vocal back in the 90s and this is as close as I get now. I find the sound of me hurling growls amusing, and don’t mind if you do too!

13 tracks seems about the right number. Much of it was constructed from an angry point of view. Like a Needle Through the Eye and Tumors are prime examples of this angry approach. Some bands use heavy guitars, speed or screaming to convey anger, I use texture. A difficult, busy and stressful job means that sometimes it comes out in the music. Tumors is probably well out of place due to it using a more classical spectrum of sound, but it seemed fitting to put this on as the last track.

Bubbles was constructed after waking from a dream and writing the words down in that half-sleep in the dead of night you sometimes get. I wrote this on Soundcloud at the time:

This is version “4b”.. I have been working on this idea for a week, never quite satisfied. I used both Ableton’s Analog and the Max for Cats Digital synth to generate soundscapes, they were quite twee but I decided upon a darker direction.

Granulator 2 was then used to load up sections of the original two mixes and twist them into more ambient rhythms. I decided to record my voice as I think this soundscape perfectly encapsulated a nightmare.

..howling winds, gremlins (I crashed the computer 3 times making this).. actually I was thinking of the Mall scene in Gremlins where Stripe “breeds” and then dies as I finished this one off. Not to mention the storms we’ve faced here in the UK.

If you find this all very psychedelic then I suppose it is. Although I have never participated in legal or illegal highs. Perhaps I just think and hear differently to everyone else? I hope that you enjoy it! Hopefully I can release it in the last Bank Holiday weekend of May.

Thanks for reading!


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