London Bridge

There was a time in my 20s when I would write a lot of lyrics. Most of it was based around the people I knew, politics or social issues. When I hit my 30s I actually set fire to two big books of lyrics and poetry. I’d felt burnt out after years of trying to get labels on board, and as I have said before one A&R guy seemed to think nobody had a right to a career in music past their mid 20s. Those lyrics were a window into my soul that I felt difficult to present to the world, sometimes I regret the mini bonfire, sometimes I think how right it was to start anew.

Yesterday night some arseholes decided to launch a crude terrorist attack on London. Again. I haven’t actually set foot in London in years, but I know a couple of people who moved there for work, and I sometimes speak to a regular few Londoners via social media. London has a charm much like any other large metropolis. It is constantly busy, the traffic makes a constant rattle (though their recent love affair with the bicycle limits that somewhat), there is good food, and great people all trying to get by. I felt this desire to record some music that hopefully summed up the busy hustle of the city. That sounded like the arteries that flow around and through it’s people.

It was quite a quick improvisation really. I programmed in a basic line on the Arturia Microbrute’s sequencer, plugging the line out into my new Line 6 DL4 echo fx created this shuffling undertone that I liked. I adjusted a few settings, its only four tracks, taken from the stereo output of the DL4 with each track having a slightly different echo applied to it.

Just like those lyrics and poems this music is a reaction to something I remember and had experienced. I wanted to convey a different side to the area, something that I feel would never really be tainted or suppressed by evil. Something that I know people will soon return to despite everything that has happened.


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