Temporarily Free Stuff

I’ve made a couple of the shorter collections free to download on Bandcamp (you can still pay if you want, always happy to let you).

Primitive was a series of soundscapes and experiments that were intended for Beauty in Chaos but were too dark to fit in. It starts with a heavily modulated and effected Microbrute drone and then other textures and sounds are added. It ends with a wash of dark ambient.

Big Cats Wander was the first thing I uploaded to Bandcamp. Its inspired by the majesty, the sounds and movement of big cats (duh). I don’t really know how to describe this – it has elements of electro, ambient, chillout etc – but ultimately doesn’t sound like any one thing to define it. Some of the melodies are childlike or lullaby inspired.

ReKn0 is myself dabbling in some techno fun, but again I would get bored if it were simply techno (as much a I like a lot of what I’ve heard of the genre). It features a sample of a man who road-raged me at one point (I Know) which I managed to capture through a cycle camera. He was someone unhappy that I refused to use his imaginary cycle-lane.

As always thanks for listening and the support!


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