Recommended Artists

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for interesting music, soundscapes and noise to entertain you. Sit back, chill, its all in hand. Pop yer lug’oles around this set of juicy ear grapes!

Ian Haygreen writes music in many, many different styles. He’s always pushing the envelope on what he can record. Sometimes it falls into ambient territory, sometimes Berlin school.

Lilu and the Ghost produce a kind of ethereal textured electronica probably not heard since Enya. Though its quite different and has modern production. Think soulful, almost folk vocals at times.

Ade Hodges works under the moniker Alien Soundtracks. Soundtrack is apt because the use of samples lends the ear to think this is part of some film. There are dark textures at play, subtly and slowly bringing up the unease.

These Septic Stars are a band from my home city, Southampton. They’ve toured all over the world and produce a kind of alternative fuse of funk and metal not really heard since Rage Against The Machine. Though they have since morphed into something new and just as dynamic. They’ll be back on the road again soon, so if you get the chance to check them out do so! (Follow them on twitter/instagram for more). They’re also soon to release their debit album.

Rook Checks Bishop makes a kind of gritty folk music that is both haunting and captivating.

From The Gutter To The Grave features many great musicians! Its ecclectic to say the least! The idea was forged by Bitter Lake that all the artists involved would host a copy on their Bandcamp page as a form of shared promotion. On it you can hear everything from ambient, singer songwriter, right up to black metal. Challenge yourself with new genres and give it a listen!

Evolverman reminds me of progressive rock in some ways. His music doesn’t neatly fit into the electronic genres, yet it is progressive and powerful in equal measure.

Harrison and Dunkley – “minimalist experimental music” in their own words. Sometimes this reminds me of Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

This music is also quite progressive, Rachel Eckroth comes from a jazz background and forges several genres in each track. Her vocals are also very, very cool.

The last artist I will mention is Int3rnaut. At times this sounds like chiptune music, at others it sounds like something phase modulated. But its always captivating.

I hope you’ll enjoy these recommendations, and that its a bit different than my talking about my own music.


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