Why are poor people so angry?

The recent devastation of the fire and the sheer loss of life, property and security for the residents of Grenfell Tower indicate a cultural problem that has been allowed to continue as long as time itself. Usually with some smart arse who likes to point out that “Labour failed to make the problem go away” […]

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London Bridge

There was a time in my 20s when I would write a lot of lyrics. Most of it was based around the people I knew, politics or social issues. When I hit my 30s I actually set fire to two big books of lyrics and poetry. I’d felt burnt out after years of trying to […]

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Le Destin du Bruit – album coming soon, here’s what to expect

The track-listing isn’t quite finalised (spelling mistake to correct for example), this may change as yet, but what I’ve created here is an album of sonics, soundscapes and noise! This is not melodic pop, these tunes represent the most experimental elements of my music. Dark sounds, jarring rhythmic sounds, vocal snippets of poems and spoken […]

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